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Functional Dyes
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Benzoxazolium,5-phenyl[2-[[5-phenyl 4-sulfobutyl -2 3H -benzoxazolylidene]methyl]butenyl] 4-sulfobutyl -,inner salt, sodium salt Benzothiazolium, 5-chloro 2- 5-chloro 3-sulfopropyl -2 3H -benzothiazolylidene methyl butenyl 3-sulfopropyl -, inner salt, compd. Benzothiazolium, 3-ethyl-2[[7-[[3-ethyl methylthio -2 3H -benzothiazolylidene methyl]-4,4a,5,6-tetrahydro-2 3H -napthalenylidene]methyl] methylthio -, iodide.

Benzoselenazolium,3-ethyl[3- 3-ethyl-2 3H -benzoselenazolylidene propenyl]-, iodide 9CI. Benzenaminium, N,N'-2,5-cyclohexadiene-1,4-diylidenebis[4- dibutylamino -N-[4- dibutylamino phenyl]-, di[perchlorate 1- ].

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Red BI Functional Dyes

Copyright H. Some of these dyes have the optical or electrochemical properties such as "photoconductivity, dichroism, fluorescent, sublimability, chromism, non-linear optical property, and photoelectric conversion property".

Typical Applications. We have developed " Specific Wavelength Absorbing Dyes " taken advantage of the properties that the dyes have light selective absorbability. Above all, " Visible Light-Absorbing Materials " have been employed as materials in order to color tuning of color filters which liquid crystal displays have built-in.

Functional Dyes

Spectroscopic properties peculiar to dye-based materials, such as good transmissivity and steep spectrum, absorb only unnecessary light emitted from backlight and contribute to high color separability. These properties of specific wavelength absorbing dyes improve color reproducibility of displays.

Infrared portion of sunlight is invisible, long wavelength region than visible, and also raises feeling temperature. These materials are used to window glass such as automotive and architectural, therefore attract a great deal of interest as energy-saving materials.