Guide Autonomy and Intervention: Parentalism in the Caring Life: Paternalism in the Caring Life

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  1. Involvement of ICU families in decisions: fine-tuning the partnership
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Patients first and foremost - 10 Principles of Care

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Involvement of ICU families in decisions: fine-tuning the partnership

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Ethics in Pediatric Care | Clinical Gate

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Value Theory, Miscellaneous. John Stuart Mill in 19th Century Philosophy. Naive and Direct Realism in Philosophy of Mind. Direct download 6 more. Moral Skepticism in Meta-Ethics. Aristotle in Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy. Autonomy in Social and Political Philosophy. Rights in Applied Ethics in Applied Ethics. Direct download 2 more. Alfred North Whitehead in 20th Century Philosophy. Epistemology, Misc in Epistemology. History of Western Philosophy.

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William James in 19th Century Philosophy. Philosophy of Education in Philosophy of Social Science. Environmental Ethics in Applied Ethics. Legal Ethics in Applied Ethics. Social and Political Philosophy. Continental Philosophy. I-Thou relations flourish only with beings who enter into dialogue with us, viz. This work comprises ten "studies" devoted to the ways in which the self, as distinguished from both the "I" who has or is the self and the human being considered as an instance of the species, reveals itself. This epistemological investigation leads to reflections on the ontology of the self in the last study.

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Veatch proposes a "triple contract theory" as a new foundation for medical ethics. His criticisms of unilateral "physician ethics" are sound, but uncertainty as to whether he is proposing merely imaginary or real contracts vitiates his constructive arguments. If the former, he is recommending a minor heuristic device for thinking about ethics, not a foundation. If the latter, his proposal is utterly impractical and a medical covenant will have to be developed another way. Keywords: Veatch, social contract, medical covenant, medical Medical Ethics in Applied Ethics.

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