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Analytic Number Theory (topics) 12222/'20
  1. Analytic Number Theory
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  3. Carl Pomerance
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Book available as: Annals of Math. Studies v. Press Gauss sum combinatorics and metaplectic Eisenstein series with D.

Friedberg , In ''Automorphic forms and L-functions I. Global Aspects,'' Contemporary Mathematics v.

Analytic Number Theory

Twisted Weyl group multiple Dirichlet series: the stable twisted case with D. Friedberg , Eisenstein series and applications Bump, S. Friedberg, and J. Hoffstein , Annals of Math.

Number Theory Books, 1993 or before

Pure Math. Friedberg , Invent.

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Bump, G. Chinta, S. Hoffstein , Proc. Reine Angew. Friedberg and J.

Carl Pomerance

Hoffstein , Invent. Bucur, G. Frechette and J. Thesis, Brown University Their names, interests, and first jobs are listed below: Mario DeFranco, 3rd year graduate student, working on projects in p-adic Whittaker functions. Catherine Lennon, post-doc at UPenn, graduated May, , wrote a thesis on finite field hypergeometric function identities for traces of Hecke operators and trace of Frobenius for elliptic curves. Here are the two papers that comprised her thesis: Gaussian Hypergeometric Evaluations of Traces of Frobenius for Elliptic Curves A Trace Formula for Certain Hecke Operators and Gaussian Hypergeometric Functions Sawyer Tabony, visiting assistant professor at Boston College, graduated May, wrote a thesis on symmetric function theory from lattice models in statistical mechanics and Hecke algebra computations for the metaplectic group.

Peter McNamara Szego asst.

Modern Mathematics and the Langlands Program | Institute for Advanced Study

Carl Erickson, Stanford Class of '07, has been working on behavior of the Riemann Zeta Function in the critical strip. I tried to write detailed course notes -- some of which are little more than recasting of notes of Milne, or Shimura's book, or Borel's book. They are available here: During the ''10 academic year, once again I taught For Spring '09, I taught During Fall '08, I taught These course webpages are retired each semester, as their contents are used in future semesters.

During Spring '08, I taught I hope to eventually put up students' final projects, which were outstanding and original. For Fall, '07, I taught During Spring '07, I taught Choosing the right PhD project depends on matching your interests to your supervisor's interests. Potential supervisors can also be contacted directly through the academic staff list.

All scholarships are awarded competitively by the relevant postgraduate funding committees. Academics regularly apply for research grants and may therefore be able to offer funding for specific projects without requiring approval from these committees. Some specific funded projects are listed below, but many of our students instead arrive at a project through discussion with potential supervisors.